Feedback from volunteer Amy

Youth Development Centre – South Africa – Volunteer Experience

Amy Coombes and the youth

To Start off with I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Travellers Worldwide and Sharon Dreyer in particular, my time in South Africa would not have been as valuable without her!

My volunteering at the Youth Development Centre, located in the Nekkies township of Knysna is by far the most life changing experience I have ever done; the information and experience you gain from doing this is something you can’t begin to understand until you do it! Not only did it feel great to make a difference to a community less fortunate but the skills and view of life you gain are SO valuable; you make a real impact on the children’s life but more so the other way round; you learn so much from these amazing youngsters and see life from a totally different view point.

This really is something I would recommend to everyone, it has totally shaped who I am as a person and had a positive impact on my career path; I am now a creative youth worker – I would not be this far without this amazing experience! I look forward to coming back ASAP!!!

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